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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sorry it has taken me so long to find an internet cafe. Unfortunately, given I am on a Clipper ship going from island to island (started in Athens), their internet service is not the best. So I am forced to find littel cafes when I can.

First impressions of Athens: very much like Buenos Aires except with ruins:). I loved it actually. The first few days we consumed with seeing the ruins like the seeing the Parathnon and Mars Hill. Mars Hill was where St. Paul gave his apologetics of the gospel to all of Athens council. Not at all what I expected as it is a big top of a hill made out of marble but with a fabulous view. I instantly pulled out my paints and made an attempt to try and capture the light. Given it was my first day using acrylics (I typically use oils), I broke in my paints. A little frustrated at first as in acrylics, lights dry darker and darks dry lighter, I finally settled in. So with few curses, I focused on fun instead of performance.

There is so muvh to tell about Greece but let me start with what happened yesterda. As we were painting on a beach in Mykinos, I saw a little dog who was roaming around in circles clearly distressed. She was deaf, blind and starving but one sweet dog. How could I not help that animal?? After I feed the dog with her tail wagging 20 miles and hour, we found a shop keeper who was a dog lover, I traded her willingness to help that sweet little dog and I gave her a painting in exhange. It turns out the painting I painted was her godfather's house and she loved the painting. So I offered her the painting for her trouble and she promised she wuold take the dog home. It felt like one of the most productive days I have had. My painting provided more value than I ever could has realized when I started painat afternoon on the beach. Sometimes, that is what happens when we forget about peforming but focus on the pure joy of painting.

Today in Patamos but I will tell you more later. Off to the ship to go to Turkey. (by the way, I loved Patmos!)

Here are two paintings (motocyles in front of a bank in Patmos (on the left and Mars Hill in Athens on the right).

Off to the ship!


Carole Buschmann said...

Hoorah!! You are doing great and I always love the impact art has as one travels around the world. Arty adventures!! I should remember them and not be so shy about pulling out all my stuff and settling down.

Lynne said...

What fun--seeing Mars Hill through your eyes!