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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day spent at a sidewalk cafe

We landed in Bodrum, Turkey, and I was still a little under the weather due to a chest cold I caught. There was a tour for everyone to go to St. Peter's castle, an impressive fortress at the mouth of the port. I was toured- out and just needed to find a place where we could paint all day. It took a 15-minute walk and we found our spot for the day.

Looking out over the bay, there were gorgeous yatchs, beaches with umbrellas and seaside cafes. We stopped at a wonderful bed and breakfast hotel with big oversized chairs that looked out over the bay with St. Peter's castle in the distance. The owners were quite friendly and thrilled we chose their cafe as our painting spot. I cranked out my first painting.

This was the life. A little food to munch on, turkish coffee (yes it is like mud but awesome), and later a glass of wine as the afternoon wore on. I was starting my second painting. By this time, a young orange tabby cat had decided I was the next best thing in town and plopped himself up next to me as I painted. He laid on the wicker couch with me for the remainder of the second painting.

St. Peter's castle was turning purple against the sky and all the blues in the water were intensifying. That was my second painting. Just wanted simple shapes of the boats against the value of the water with the darker value of the castle. Let the shapes speak for themselves.

This was the most productive and fun day so far. As late afternoon came, people who we were sailing with were passing by the cafe headed to the boat. Some decided it was time to stop and visit with us. So it seemed appropriate that the last painting of the day would be three Turk men having coffee and shooting the breeze.

What a day! Loved Bodrum, Turkey! Tomorrow, the white houses of Santorini.

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