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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The search for excellence: Joaquin Sorolla

This summer I traveled to Italy and tried every way possible to figure out how to get to the Joaquin Sorolla Museum in Madrid via Italy.  Since i was headed to Europe i though why not? Alas, it was just not possible to work it in, so the trip was put off for another time.

Joaquin Sorolla, (February 27, 1863 – August 10, 1923) was a Spanish painter living in Spain during the French Impressionists reign in France.  Studying in Spain, Rome and France as a young man, Sorolla became not only a prolific painting but a force to be reckoned with in the French Salons.   He won many awards for his works with his first medal of honor at the Paris Universal Exposition of 1900.  Noted for his colors, painterly application and subject matter of his native lands and people, Sorolla painted enormous canvases plein air on the beaches of Spain.

Joaquin Sorolla is one of my favorite artists and I am glad to say, for the first time in many years a full exhibition of his work is at Dallas at Southern Methodist University's Meadows Museum.  The show runs until April 14th and contains many of his famous works, some of which I have put below.

If you are near Dallas or have the means to get there, you will not be disappointed.   Many times when I have been struggling in my own work, Joaquin Sorolla has provided the inspiration.  I hope if you get a chance to visit the Joaquin Sorolla Meadows' exhibit, your inspiration will soar.


KirkW said...

I am surprised at how much his works remind me of yours, Melinda. Or perhaps it's your works that remind me of his :-).

E. Melinda Morrison said...

You are too kind, Kirk:) But Sorolla has influenced my work.